2024-05-22 20:09:54
℡ 、Time orbit we just one solitude of the subway.(时间的轨道里我们只是一班孤寂的地铁)

Although 纪司笔席船again sweet candy, also has a bitter day.(即使再甜的糖,也有苦的一天。)

Accustomed, one day.(已经习惯了,一个人的日子。)

Even next se跳约论许袁cond we didnt meet, on one second we will meet.(即使下一秒我们没有相遇,上一秒我们也会相见。)

Believe that god is fair.(相信上帝是公平的。)

We look forward to, our future.(我们期待、我们的将来。)

We believe, our future.(我们相信、我们的未来。)

Is very sweet, very bitter, and that is love.(很甜、很苦,那就是爱情。)

Those troubles, always linger.(那些烦恼,永远挥之不去)

It doesnt matter is ok, just everything cannot go back.(没关系没关系,只是一切都回不去)

Just dont give up, Russia are then buchibuqi.(只要不放弃,俄们便不离不弃)

Then the selfish hurt, but only in order not to leave.(那么自私的伤害,只是为了不离开)

Such as flocculent snow, high-stepping but not into Russia heart.(如絮的白雪,皑皑却不入俄心)

Missing is like a disease, take much medicine or not.(思念像一场病,服了多少的药也好不了)

How many dream had, and never came into my heart.(多少梦幻的曾经,也不曾走进莪阻超异之纸演反方的心)

I am god, that nothing can be done not god.(我是上帝,那种什么事也办不了的上帝。)

Someone said, my love, I just thought.(有人说,我的爱情只是我的自以为。)

I do not follow, I live is always all you want.(我不会遵循,我过的生活从来都是自己想要的)

Dont say you have lost everything, because you and I.(不要说你失去了一切,因为你还有我)

Will there be that one day, you left me.(会不会有那么一天,你离我而去)

You why say sorry, in this leaves in autumn.(你又何必说抱歉,在这个落叶的秋天)

I havent save your feeling, just facing north say goodbye.(我的挽回你都没感觉,只是面朝北面说再见)

The wind blows away the thoughts, rolled up unruly time.(被风吹散的思念,卷起不羁的时间)

You said, love is too deep but dont let their destruction.(你说过,爱的太深却不要让自己沉沦)

Two people along the street up, who also dont stay. (两个人沿着街一直走,谁也不许再停留)

My tears, you dont care.(我的泪流满面,你不在乎)

Know, how again recover also just air.(明知道,再怎么挽回也只是空气)

You hold hands is agreed. Said(你说过牵了手就是约定)

I want to cry, but my pride told me not to.(我想哭泣,可是我的骄傲告诉我不可以)

Dont fear you forsake, just afraid of losing you.(不是怕你丢弃,只是怕失去你)

You smiled and waved with me, step by step out go farther.(你笑着跟我挥了挥手,一步跨出去走得更远)

We first met location, it was named: miss.(我们初次相遇的地点,把它取名叫:怀念)

We dont have any choice, only run in opposite directions.(我们没有任何选择的余地,只有背道而驰)

Why is this once, only once in without you.(为什么又是这样的曾经,只不过曾经里没有你。)

A we missed the time, France.(时间一点点被我们错过,擦肩而过。)